Online Casino Bet365 Taken To Court by Australian Regulator

United Kingdom-based casino operator Bet365 is being dragged to court by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission for breach of local consumer regulations and misleading customers. A consumer complaint was filed in the capital city of Darwin, which stated that the firm was misleading consumers, with false representations about free bets and deposit bonus.

Online Casino Bet365 sued by Australian Regulator

The Consumer Commission stated that the casino lured new players with the misnomer that they would be eligible for AUD 200 on registration. However, there were certain pre-conditions to qualify for this amount, which were not clarified in the initial advertisement nor were any declaration to that effect, were stated.


Details of the complaint against Bet365

The complaint stated that the service provider Bet365 did not clarify that players had to first spend AUD 200 from their own pocket and only then they would be given addition amount of AUD 200 to play. Players could withdraw their winnings only on the precondition that they have to bet thrice the sum of their deposit within a three month period which the complainant felt was close to cheating. This would mean that a person who deposited AUD 200 to start playing at Bet365 and is entitled to similar amount as bonus will have to bet around AUD 1200 more to obtain the bonus and any winnings.


Likely action by Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

In a statement to the local media the ACCC stated that it will look for all advertisements given out by BET365 to search for incriminating evidence of lapse of information to check if it was a calculated move by the firm to mislead customers. Since the complaint was made to ACCC, the gambling service firm has implemented required changes in its website and has now disclosed all details about membership and payout regulations and terms. The ACCC’s chairman stated that online gambling is a growing sector which has to be monitored carefully to ensure people are not cheated or misled.

Two Casino Employees Create a New Card Game

Two Pennsylvania men have invented a new card game that may soon be available in casinos. They have named this golf-themed casino game ‘Go Fore It’ but claim that one doesn’t need to know or be at good at golf to play this game.

Go Fore It golf-themed casino game

 New game rules

The new game is simple enough and designed in a way that players get many chances to win against the house. Here strategies take a back seat as the game is decided on how the cards are dealt. Dealer and players are dealt four cards. As long as your card total is lower than the dealer, you win. This is referred to as the Skins bet. The ace card is valued at one point, number cards at their values and face cards are valued at 10 points each.

Another way to win here is if the four cards of players add up to 24. Less than 24 points also works. However, it is possible if players place a Front Nine bet where they get to look at two cards and later can assess if they feel their down cards will help them get a total of 24 points or less and accordingly bet a Back Nine. Other option is to surrender the first bet if they feel they may lose. There are many components of the game, which players will get to know once they get to play this new game.


Creators and buyers

The creators of the game, Jeremiah LeClerc and Ben Kowalski have been working at the Meadows Casino from past many years. However, they presented the game to Bally Technologies, a leader in proprietary games and they snapped it up within minutes. As of now the game is awaiting approval from Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board and once that’s done then it will be first offered at Meadows.