Explore the New Casino Games This Season for Great Gaming Experiences

The world of online casino gaming is much more exciting than the real thing as here you are completely spoilt for choices and at one point of time you will realize that the new game concepts, their themes, graphics and bonuses are just mind blowing and choosing the best among the lot is definitely tougher.

Voodoo MagicVoodoo Magic, taking you down the dark alley of eerie, spooky and enchanting black magic is one of the ultimate games for the bewitching slot game lovers. The Wild in the form of the priestess and the scatters in the shape of the voodoo dolls, the moment they appear on your screen you know that their dark powers are at work to help you find your magical winnings. Winning a scatter means winning almost 25 Free Spins. Additionally, the players are awarded with a magic multiplier at the very beginning of the particular feature. These multipliers increase with every Free Spin. This is a 13 payline slot where you are sure to find the number 13 lucky for you, unlike most people who are scared of the ominous number.

Lucha Libre is another of the new releases to hit the online slot world. Packed with exciting rewards, this game gives you all the fun that you can imagine with traditional wrestling games. The game features 25 pay lines and the top award can happily amount to 4000x the bet placed by you for every line. You land on the right symbols in the Time to Rumble feature and you are rewarded with free games. Mask of Fiery Doom has bigger winnings for the players. As you adjust your bet to $0.01 and $5 per line, you are all set to spin the game to begin.

High fashion slot game is ideal for the fashion lovers and this 25 paylines game of slot also offers a jackpot reset of whooping $1000 and the minor amount ranges to $250. The top award goes to 2500 times the bet you place for each line. With a model symbol on 1 and 5 reels you earn 5 free games. With 3 plus scattered Runways you get 5 games free.

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MGM International’s Jim Murren on the Future of Gambling

United States government is thinking about reinstating a ban on Internet gambling.

Recent news reports indicate that the United States government is thinking about reinstating a ban on Internet gambling. MGM Resorts International’s CEO, Jim Murren, believes that banning legal digital gambling might not hurt the gambling industry as much as other casino owners believe it will. Murren also recently suggested that the legalization of sports gambling in other states might not spell the end of the world for Nevada, either.

In a recent interview, Murren expanded on his feelings about sports gambling in other states. The MGM CEO believes that gamblers will still visit Las Vegas for the NCAA Tournament every March, premiere boxing events, and the Super Bowl despite the availability of sports gambling elsewhere.

Although gambling and casinos are one of the prime reasons why gamblers come to Las Vegas, Murren also believes that gamblers and sports enthusiasts come to the city for the “Las Vegas experience.” He says that his casino has invested billions of dollars in bars, restaurants, and other attractions aimed at creating unique and memorable vacation experiences.

The Future of MGM and the Internet

In terms of the future of Internet gambling, Jim Murren acknowledges that the “Internet is here to stay.” He also says that if Congress bans legal online gambling, MGM Resorts will not suffer greatly. This is because MGM is a resort-based gambling business, not a business built around convenience gambling.

Murren expanded on this idea further, arguing that MGM’s business is not structured around the Internet driving money, revenue, or profit to the resort. Instead, MGM is focused on making gambling and sports wagering just one part of an unforgettable hospitality experience.

The Gambling Industry is at Fault

Murren also claimed that the reason why Congress is considering a ban on online gambling is that leaders in the gambling industry could not agree about how to make online gambling safe and fun for American citizens.