Casino News- One Direction’s Harry Styles Pictured Gambling

Even the most famous people in the world enjoy getting a rush from gambling every now and then. Harry Styles, from the boy band One Direction, was recently pictured gambling in the VIP club of an exclusive Pearl Room casino in Australia. He was in Perth as part of a concert tour, and decided to enjoy his night off by gambling with some of his earnings. Harry is known to be a huge fan of the roulette game, which is what he was playing when pictures of him were taken. It is unclear whether he won or lost, but given that he is a regular gambler, there is no doubt he would have done well.

Harry Styles in Casino

One Direction have gotten in trouble about their gambling in the past, but they were underage at the time. It was during a break from one of their first world tours, and the entire band decided to take time off and gamble with some of their newly earned riches. They did not end up doing too well, and their management was very upset with them. However, the band has said to have grown more responsible with the way they bet. They still visit casinos on a regular basis, especially Harry Styles and Niall Horan, but they are more intelligent about it all.

Under regular circumstances, seeing a 19 year old kid gambling to such an extent would cause a few people to worry. However, One Direction earn more money than most people could only imagine. There is no doubt that they have enough money to be able to handle a few losses on the roulette table. There are reports they will soon become the world’s first one BILLION dollar music band, with their earning potential limitless. Having a bit of fun with that money seems the least they deserve.

The VIP Pearl Room is located in Perth’s most exotic casino, the Crown Casino. The casino is a great draw for celebrities and regular gamblers alike, with plenty of charm and class in its decor and surroundings. There are other great gambling rooms at this casino, such as the Meridian and Riviera Rooms.