Thai Protesters Oppose Casino Proposal

Although gambling is currently illegal in Thailand, a recent proposal made by government officials hopes to explore the potential benefits of legalizing casinos and gambling within the country. Interestingly, this controversial measure has been met with plenty of protest from regular citizens in Thailand.

Thai protesters against gambling

Thai citizens who are against the casino proposal believe that casinos go against their country’s Buddhist roots. Other anti-casino protesters told newspapers that the casino proposal is being peddled by immoral people who are more interested in causing crime and social problems than helping lower-class families.

On the other hand, supporters of the casino believe that the revenue potential of the casino could offset lagging tourism profits. Tourism revenue has been down in Thailand since January of 2014, when the Thai military took over downtown Bangkok.

Benefits of Proposed Casinos

A police chief in Bangkok named Somyot Poompanmoung supports the idea of constructing casinos in Thailand’s larger cities. The official says that the government in Thailand can find beneficial ways to manage the revenue and profits earned by the casino. At the moment, Mr. Poompanmoung believes that the casino’s revenue can be redistributed evenly throughout society. The police chief also promises to open casinos in a slow, systematic manner.

Disadvantages of Proposed Casinos

Critics of Somyot Poompanmoung’s behavior believe that the police chief is making this casino proposal to draw attention away from the fact that he recently stripped a rival Thai government official of his power.

Other concerned citizens argue that the presence of casinos in Thailand would cause family issues. Sira Jenjaka contends that casinos will encourage the rise of gambling addiction in his country. Jenjaka fears that an uptick in gambling addiction will eliminate the familial bond that is so important in Thailand.

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