Blackjack – A Scene From “The Hangover”

Alan and the gang head down to the casino floor to win $80,000 in just one night, playing Blackjack. Alan uses a card counting strategy and they win big. We go over some of the finer points of the scene and whether or not it is in fact realistic.

Counting cards, as done in the scene is not technically illegal in the USA, but it is frowned upon and if you get caught doing it, you will be asked to leave the casino. If the pit bosses notice you winning large amounts and figure out that you’re counting cards, they won’t strip you of your winnings, but they will ask you to stop playing.

In the movie, the guys make just over $80,000 in a matter of hours and many think that is impossible. This is in fact not true. You can definitely make that much money, and more, in a single session. The only problem is, to win big, you have to bet big, and if you bet big, you stand the chance to lose big. So it’s important to remember not to bet more than you can afford to lose.

In the film, Alan claims he learnt how to count cards from reading a book. While reading Blackjack strategy books are extremely helpful, they won’t turn you into a gambling pro overnight. You will need to observe real games, play a few yourself, and just practice as much as you can until you get a feel for the game. With enough time and strategy, you can definitely become a Blackjack ace.

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