Good Guys Finish Last


Dealer of BlackjackPeople always manage to find innovative ways to attempt to get their hands on money and power that they have not won or earned. From card counting to any number of high-tech gadgets designed exclusively to get around casino security, there is no limit to the efforts that people will put into a scam when something tempting is involved. However, one former Blackjack dealer took a relatively innovative approach to getting around the rules. Jacob Christensen is a former Blackjack dealer at the Mystic Lake Casino. Working in this particular gaming environment allowed Christensen to feel that he was uniquely qualified to take the house for a ride while satisfying his own needs.

Christensen was caught cheating at this location and was sentenced to 80 hours of community service on top of 3 years of probation. The offender was also ordered by the courts to return the estimated $18,720 that he stole from the establishment. Christensen’s technique involved paying pretty women who were playing at the table where he was dealing to fold their hands when he suspected that they possessed losing hands. The result is a loss in income for the casino. Dealers are forbidden from influencing players at their table in any way. He was caught on camera presenting money to attractive women who had loosing hands, and he quickly confessed to his crime.

Upon questioning, Christensen claimed that he felt that he was rewarding the attractive women at his table by sparing them the financial loss while under his watch. The investigations brought out evidence that suggested Christensen cost the casino more than $9,000 from a host of female players in addition to $9,500 dollar from a single individual who turned out to be the daughter of his landlord. Christensen also claimed that he felt his actions impressed the women and put him in better standings for intimate or romantic relationships. Christensen has also been listed in the Vegas “Black Book,” essentially banning him from standard casino settings for life. However, Christensen can still play Blackjack through online organizations that offer potential cash winnings. The women involved in the incidents were not charged with any sort of crime.