More Than a Bingo Trend


Although cash is always one of the most tempting prizes to draw in players for online gaming, more and more gaming organizations are branching out when it comes to the prizes that they are offering. RAPchic Bingo is enticing players by diversifying the prizes immensely for players who chose them for their number-one choice in online entertainment. Based on the feedback of players, RAPchic has come up with special offerings that players are greeting with rave reviews. Players can now earn Golden Balls through the various Bingo offerings that online players can enjoy.

Cash In At Your Favorite Virtual Outlet

These balls can be cashed in via Amazon shopping and traded for vouchers amazonshoppingthat can be worth as much as 500 pounds. In addition to the potential value available through vouchers, there is a point system that they have recently put into place that will benefit players as well. Every win for players in bingo earns them one point in this system. Additionally, the top 50 people with the most points to their name will earn an automatic amazon voucher that is worth 500 pounds as well.

Beginners Luck Not Needed

There are additional specials in designated rooms that are new to the floor for RAPchic that also has players talking online. “Friday Night Takeaway” also gives players a unique opportunity for hitting it big. In this competition, along with rooms such as the Lucky Star, people can claim 50 pounds worth of dinner vouchers. Fridays also guarantee players a 150 pound jackpot regardless of the number of players engaged. New players can count on a warm welcome by RAPchic. They promise a 200 percent bonus to anyone registering for the first time. Their first spin on the slots wheel also comes with a guarantee to earn a bonus that can be worth as much as 2,500 pounds. To top things off, RAPchic has created a unique gaming room that is only open to new players. In this designated area, a special jackpot awaits. For the first week of play, newcomers have regular access to 500 pounds of prize money each time that they join in on the gaming excitement.