Complete Gaming Protection

international-ewalletAs technology becomes increasingly intertwined with how casinos present games and function on a day to day basis, software designers and revolutionary technology become more integral to gaming success. As a result of this shift in the industry, establishments are eager to partner with the most cutting-edge developers working in today’s market. Palms Casino Resort has recently taken a step forward in this respect by working with NEWave. Together, they are updating the resort with Check Prove software. This software is designed to provide businesses with the latest in efficiency software in addition to compliance with constantly shifting regulations in the industry.

No Bugs Here

Check Prove software has quickly become the most widely utilized program in the south of Nevada for payroll and check-cashing applications. The Palms Casino Resort is installing the system in hopes of reducing the risk associated with fraud in these two departments. The software has been in development for over 20 years, giving the company plenty of time to get it into flawless condition. It constantly updates itself, allowing for real-time protection against everything from fraudulent identification to checks that have flagged for various reasons.

Protection At Every Level

The NEWave representative cites their success based on the needs of casinos to offer financial security to their patrons as a part of customer service. This software has spread its wings far beyond the Nevada state lines. It is currently in use all throughout the United States. On top of the protection that this systems offers, it has proven to significantly increase the speed with which computer transactions occur in the casino’s existing systems. The security that comes with Check Prove is multi-faceted. Each transaction compares checks with current business rules, the cashing history of the account, the visual integrity of the check, and the identification of the patron attempting to complete the transaction. The software itself has come through the development of a suite of business software. The award-winning development is known as the myRevenue Manager. The full suite of programs will handle revenue applications across all areas of casino operations.